Colleges and Universities

College Laundry Products and Specialty Items

Colleges and Universities – both private and public – have relied on Latest Products for their various needs. Most popular among all schools throughout the United States and Canada, is our student dormitory transport carts. This open-top cart with a dolly-wheel base comes in several popular sizes and is most appreciated by students and parents during move-in/move-out days. These carts are invaluable for loading and unloading belongings from cars to dormitories on these days. Our vinyl carts come in many popular “school” colors and we offer FREE stenciling on the carts to identify the college, or specific dorm or residence. We can sequentially number the carts as well.

Other popular college laundry products include our wood-covered storage/transport carts – used by athletic departments and theatrical departments to store and move equipment and keep items secured with its lockable lid. Individual nylon or mesh laundry bags are also popular with these departments.

Other types of storage, transport, recycling receptacles and trash receptacles – both indoor and outdoor—can be seen throughout many prominent colleges and universities nationwide. Administrators and purchasing agents rely on Latest Products to save them precious dollars on their purchases.