Correctional Facilities

Industrial Laundry Carts, Covers and Transport Trucks

Throughout the country, Latest Products has been providing our industrial laundry carts and other specialty laundry products to correctional facilities, prisons, detention centers, and juvenile homes for over 40 years.

We understand the special safety concerns that are inherent within this population and sell our existing products and/or modified products that best adheres to these safety measures. Our laundry bags are equipped with special rubber closures or open top hems, rather than drawcord or elastic which could present a danger to the inmates. We even offer a Rawhide Mesh; popular among prisons, which is even stronger than our industrial mesh. This is best suited for prison applications.

Many of our dolly trucks and industrial laundry carts come with no metal or concealed metal rods, and no loose or removable parts or jagged edges which can also pose a danger. Our customer service specialists have suggestions on the products best suited for correctional facilities amongst our entire product line and can make suggestions and recommendations at any time.