Bulk Laundry Truck - 24P24

Latest Products offers a wide selection of polyethylene bulk laundry trucks which are ideal for

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Correctional Institutions
  • Lodging/Hospitality
  • Construction Industry
  • Spas/Resorts
  • Colleges
  • General Industry

Standard colors include:  Red, Orange, Cadet Blue, Royal Blue, Jade Green, Forest Green, Black and Metallic Silver (gray).  Other colors available at slight upcharge.

For Recycled Polymer (no color choice) deduct $15.00.

Photo to the left shows our several of our flare bulk trucks nesting within one another.  Excellent for both transportation and storage.




Units Per Package1
Minimum Order1
Capacity30 cu. ft.
Casters Data5-in. Rubber
Depth25 1/2
Outside Length64 in
Outside Width40 in
Overall Height32 in
Color Choice Available Virgin$500
No Color Choice Available Regrind$460
Bushel Capacity25 Bushel

Option ($0.00)

Casters Arrangement