Maid Cart - 3250

Ideal for Narrow Hallways

This Compact Maid Cart is designed for tighter spaces with one deck and room for one heavy duty vinyl bag.

Can easily service 15 rooms. Lightweight yet made of heavy duty poly construction. Has three shelves (two are removable) and an interior capacity of 14.5 cubic feet.

On top, a 5″ deep recess top tray permits convenient handling of small or tall items. Available with space to fit ONE rugged vinyl bag for laundry or trash (priced separately). Bags must be ordered separately.

Rounded frames protect walls and people, and 8 inch casters ease movement. Options available are velcro-attached Front Cover, Top Cover and detachable Hood which provide additional protection from spillage, pilferage, and exposure to the elements.





1 - 34+


Units Per Package1
Minimum Order1
Capacity14.5 cubic feet
Number of Shelves3
Caster Size8 in
Length46 in
Width23 in
Depth46 in
Overall Height55 in

Bag Options ($0.00)

Options ($0.00)

Available Colors