200 Denier Nylon Cart Covers

200 Denier nylon is a lightweight fabric used mostly in low impact applications such as storage and non-transporting carts. This fabric is both economical and consistent. Washable.

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SKUNameDim. (W) (in)Dim. (L) (in)Dim. (H) (in)Price
200DN184852200 Denier Nylon - 200DN184852184852$72.00
200DN184862200 Denier Nylon - 200DN184862184862$75.00
200DN184872200 Denier Nylon184872$82.00
200DN244852200 Denier Nylon244852$75.00
200DN244862200 Denier Nylon244862$79.00
200DN244872200 Denier Nylon244872$86.00
200DN246052200 Denier Nylon246052$79.00
200DN246062200 Denier Nylon246062$86.00
200DN246072200 Denier Nylon246072$91.00