Disposable Cart Covers

No need to wash or wipe like fabric covers. Packed 50 per carton in a box or 50 per perforated roll.

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SKUName W x L x H (inches)Packaging TypePrice
LPC-CC-500-RDisposable Cart Covers - LPC-CC-500-R26 x 38 x 48Roll$135.00
LPC-CC-500-CDisposable Cart Covers - LPC-CC-500-C26 x 38 x 48Case$195.00
LPC-CC-501-RDisposable Cart Covers - LPC-CC-501-R27 x 45 x 48Roll$150.00
LPC-CC-501-CDisposable Cart Covers - LPC-CC-501-C27 x 45 x 48Case$210.00
LPC-CC-502-RDisposable Cart Covers - LPC-CC-502-R27 x 55 x 62Roll$225.00
LPC-CC-502-CDisposable Cart Covers - LPC-CC-502-C27 x 55 x 62Case$250.00
LPC-CC-503-RDisposable Cart Covers - LPC-CC-503-R27 x 64 x 67Roll$245.00
LPC-CC-503-CDisposable Cart Covers - LPC-CC-503-C27 x 64 x 67Case$295.00
LPC-CC-504-RDisposable Cart Covers - LPC-CC-504-R27 x 45 x 59Roll$220.00
LPC-CC-504-CDisposable Cart Covers - LPC-CC-504-C27 x 45 x 59Case$245.00