Polymer Bulk Delivery Carts

Latest Products offers a complete line of polymer bulk linen trucks to suit all your transport needs. Our trucks come in different sizes and different capacities. Choose from our Virgin polymer with choice of 17 different colors, or our Recycled polymer (no color choice) for cost savings.

Powder coated welded steel base comes standard for most models.  Hard plastic base may be substituted on some models (additional charge may apply).  Hard plastic protects against corrosion and harsh chemical agents.

6 inch rubber casters come standard in choice of arrangement available. When ordering please specify if you want hand holes and/or drain holes (no extra cost). Drain valves instead of drain holes available on some models for $50.00 additional per cart .

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If you have a special requirement that does not appear, please contact us at 1-800-288-3547.

SKUCaster Arrangement AvailableOutside Length (in)Outside Width (in)Depth (in)Overall Height (in)Price
70PA, B4828.54754.5$650.00
71PA, B40266875.5$645.00
72PA, B4828.55966.5$670.00
72SA, B4828 1/25966 1/2$700.00
73PA, B4128.56472$700.00
74PA, B4128.55159$630.00
LP-M7045A, B3828 1/25966$450.00
LP-M7060A, B4228 1/26876 1/2$525.00
LP-M7040A, B4128 1/25158 1/2$415.00
LP-M7095A, B6030 1/26068$695.00
LP-M7092A, B4836 1/25966 1/2$640.00