Hamperstand Acccessories

For our deluxe tubular steel series of hamperstands, we offer various accessories to customize and complement your hampers

Colored lids are available with an upcharge of $6.50 per lid if you would prefer over our standard color (white). (If you require additional lids or replacement lids, please inquire for pricing).

Replacement laundry bags available for both our “easy access” bags and “leakproof” bags

Hamper Labels (decals) for identification purposes also available

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If you have a special requirement that does not appear, please contact us at 1-800-288-3547.

SKUNameUnits Per PackageColorDepth (in)LengthWidth (in)DescriptionPrice
602BColored Hamper Lid - Blue1Blue2 1/218 1/217 3/4$6.50
602BRColored Hamper Lid - Brown1Brown2 1/218 1/217 3/4$6.50
602NColored Hamper Lid - Black1Black2 1/218 1/217 3/4$6.50
602RColored Hamper Lid - Red1Red2 1/218 1/217 3/4$6.50
602YColored Hamper Lid - Yellow1Yellow2 1/218 1/217 3/4$6.50
602SLWBilingual Hamper Labels for Soiled Linen - 602SLW5White letteringHamper Label, Soiled Linen$38.00
602SLBBilingual Hamper Labels for Soiled Linen - 602SLB5Blue LetteringHamper Label, Soiled Linen$38.00
602ILBilingual Hamper Labels for Infectious Linen - 602IL5Red LetteringHamper Label, Infectious Linen$38.00
602BWBilingual Hamper Labels for Biohazard Waste - 602BW5Black LetteringHamper Label, Biohazard Waste$38.00
602TWGBilingual Receptacle Label for Waste - 602TWG5Gray LetteringHamper Label, Trash/Waste$38.00
602TWTBilingual Receptacle Label for Waste - 602TWT5Tan Lettering Hamper Label, Trash/Waste$38.00
602RLBilingual Hamper Labels for Resident Linen - 602RL5Green LetteringHamper Label, Resident Personal Linen$38.00
661Polybag Holder1Polybag Holder$25.00
670Replacement bag for "Easy Access" hampers1White|Green|Pink|Blue251813 1/2Replacement bag$45.00
680Replacement "Leakproof " Bag for Steel Hampers1White|Green|Pink|BlueReplacement bag$45.00