Heat Sealable Patching Material

Use our heat sealable patching material along with your heat sealing machines to prolong the life of bed linen, surgical linen, coats, and uniforms.

Colors: Most popular are white, jade green, misty green, kilarney green, ceil blue, and yellow. Also available in powder blue, medium blue, postman blue, lilac, black, burgundy, teal, brown, gray, charcoal, navy, orange, pink, red, spruce green, and tan.

In twill material colors available include: brown, gray, navy, white, black, charcoal, royal blue, ceil blue, red, spruce, and denim.

Apply at 375-400 degrees for 8-10 seconds using a heat seal machine

Minimum Patch Billing = $75.00 (you can mix and match types, sizes and colors to meet minimum billing)

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If you have a special requirement that does not appear, please contact us at 1-800-288-3547.

Code-A1/2" x 1/2"Square$62.00
Code-B3/4" x 3/4"Square$32.00
Code-C1/2" x 1"Rectangle$35.00
Code-D1" x 1"Square$45.00
Code-E3/4" x 2"Rectangle$32.00
Code-F3/4" x 3"Rectangle$39.00
Code-G1 1/2" x 1 1/2"Square$34.50
Code-H2" x 2"Square$29.75
Code-I3" x 3"Square$31.50
Code-J4" x 4"Square$61.25
Code-K1" x 3"Rectangle$47.00
Code-L1" x 5 1/2"Rectangle$92.00
Code-GR1 1/2"Round$34.50
Code-N1" x 50 yards$23.50
Code-O1 1/4" x 50 yards$25.00
Code-P1 1/2" x 50 yards$32.00
Code-Q2" x 50 yards$43.00
Code-R3" x 50 yards$63.00
Code-S4" x 50 yards$83.50
Code-LT15/8" x 50 yards$18.50
Code-LT23/4" x 50 yards$19.00
Code-LT31" x 50 Yards$23.50
Code-LT41 1/4" x 50 yards$25.00
Code-LT51 1/2" x 50 yards$32.50