Pillow Covers

Latest Products offers a full line of products to protect against bed bugs and dust mites.

We offer our 6 Gauge vinyl zippered pillow covers to protect your fabric pillows. Comes with a brushed silk finish and rust-proof polyester zippers.

Or choose our stretch polyester knit zippered pillow covers for maximum protection against bed bugs, dust mites and other allergens. Machine washable.

3 sizes available. All pillow protectors come in cases quantities (no broken cartons please).

See all of our products in our BEDBUG PROTECTION & MATTRESS COVERS section.

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SKUNameUnits Per PackageLength (in)SizePrice
1006Zippered Vinyl Pillow Cover - Standard Size122721 x 27$24.00
1007Zippered Vinyl Pillow Cover - Queen Size123121 x 31$27.00
1009Zippered Vinyl Pillow Cover - King Size123721 x 37$31.00
9220ZZippered Polyester Knit Pillow Covers - Standard Size242721 x 27$52.00
9221ZZippered Polyester Knit Pillow Covers - Queen Size243121 x 31$59.00
9222ZZippered Polyester Knit Pillow Covers - King Size243721 x 37$68.00