Garment Racks

Available in Single or Double Tier
These garment racks are a popular choice for use in hospitals to move clothing such as lab coats, and in nursing homes for admission or discharge of patients.

Made of heavy-duty construction with a durable easy-rolling base. Base is painted. Uprights and hanger made of 14 gauge plated steel.

4″ Ball Bearing Swivel wheel casters with cushion tread come with all models.

Choice of Single Tier or Double Tier top bars, as well as various options and upgrades available.

Garment racks are shipped “knocked down” and are easily assembled.

Or choose our space-saving “Nestable” Garment racks, or PVC garment racks with attached cover in your choice of fabrics and colors.

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SKUNameBottom Shelf AvailableMaximum Height (in)Length (in)Single Tier / Double TierWidth (in)Price
1331-36Single Tier 36" Garment RackNo7236Single20$140.00
1331-48Single Tier 48" Garment RackNo7248Single20$150.00
1331-60Single Tier 60" Garment RackNo7260Single20$155.00
1331-72Single Tier 72" Garment RackNo7272Single20$170.00
1332-36Double Tier 36" Garment RackNo7836Double20$165.00
1332-48Double Tier 48" Garment RackNo7848Double20$175.00
1332-60Double Tier 60" Garment RackNo7860Double20$185.00
1332-72Double Tier 72" Garment RackNo7872Double20$205.00
1333-4848" Heavy-Duty Single Top Bar Garment RackYes72 (non- adjustable)48Single20$290.00
1333-6060" Heavy-Duty Single Top Bar Garment RackYes72 (non-adjustable)60Single20$295.00
1333-7272" Heavy-Duty Single Top Bar Garment RackYes72 (non-adjustable) 72Single20$340.00
1335-4848" Heavy-Duty Double Top Bar Garment RackYes72 (non-adjustable)48Double28$315.00
1335-6060" Heavy-Duty Double Top Bar Garment RackYes72 (non-adjustable)60Double28$360.00
1335-7272" Heavy-Duty Double Top Bar Garment RackYes72 (non-adjustable)72Double28$420.00
735Z-6063" Nestable Z Garment RackNo67 (non-adjustable)63Single22$120.00
737Z-6063" Nestable Double Z Garment Rack & Cross BarNo67 (non-adjustable)63Double22$145.00
C-GR-50-SSmall PVC Mobile Garment RackYes62 (non-adjustable)26Single20$289.00
C-GR-50Large PVC Mobile Garment RackYes61.5 (non-adjustable)44 3/4Single20$299.00