PVC Pillow Carts for Storage & Transportation

Designed to store and transport pillows in a convenient fashion, these pillows carts can hold up to 13 hospital-type pillows or up to 300 ISO gowns!

3″ deluxe locking carpet master casters for easy transport on varied surfaces.

Clear protective vinyl front flap allows for quick inventory check and can flip up for easy loading and unloading.

Hospital-grade easy to clean fabric meets California fire code regulations.

Available in 5 neutral aesthetically pleasing fabrics as well as bright yellow or our red/white/blue “Victory” line which is popular with VA hospitals.

Cart can be used for items other than pillows, such as linens, towels, blankets, isolation gowns etc.

C-PC-4000PVC Pillow Cart - C-PC-400048 in.38 in.21 in.$499.00