Fabric Hamper Bags

Latest Products Corporation has been a major supplier of all types of hamper bags to hospitals, nursing homes, correctional facilities and industries worldwide. No matter what type of laundry bag you need, we have different sizes, styles, fabrics, closures and options to best fit your needs.

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SKUSize (in)BottomDiameter (in)MaterialTypePrice
1180-130 x 40Straight18Cotton DuckFlip-Top$80.00
1180-230 x 40Straight18Cotton PolyFlip-Top$92.00
1180-330 x 40Straight18200 Denier Nylon WhiteFlip-Top$86.00
1180-3C30 x 40Straight18200 Denier Colored NylonFlip-Top$93.00
1180-430 x 40Straight18Spun Filament PolyesterFlip-Top$92.00
1180LIV30 x 40Straight18Leakproof Impervious VinylFlip-Top$151.00
1180FRP30 x 40Straight18Fluid Resistant 100% PolyesterFlip-Top$120.00
1190-130 x 40Round18Cotton DuckFlip-Top$84.00
1190-230 x 40Round18Cotton PolyFlip-Top$100.00
1190-330 x 40Round18200 Denier Nylon WhiteFlip-Top$95.00
1190-3C30 x 40Round18200 Denier Colored NylonFlip-Top$99.00
1190-430 x 40Round18Spun Filament PolyesterFlip-Top$99.00
1190FRP30 x 40Round18Fluid Resistant 100% PolyesterFlip-Top$128.00
1240-140 x 40Straight25Cotton DuckFlip-Top$91.00
1240-240 x 40Straight25Cotton PolyFlip-Top$102.00
1240-340 x 40Straight25200 Denier Nylon WhiteFlip-Top$95.00
1240-3C40 x 40Straight25200 Denier Colored NylonFlip-Top$103.00
1240-440 x 40Straight25Spun Filament PolyesterFlip-Top$105.00
1240LIV40 x 40Straight25Leakproof Impervious VinylFlip-Top$162.00
1240FRP40 x 40Straight25Fluid Resistant 100% PolyesterFlip-Top$134.00
1250-140 x 40Round25Cotton DuckFlip-Top$96.00
1250-240 x 40Round25Cotton PolyFlip-Top$109.00
1250-340 x 40Round25200 Denier Nylon WhiteFlip-Top$104.00
1250-3C40 x 40Round25200 Denier Colored NylonFlip-Top$112.00
1250-440 x 40Round25Spun Filament PolyesterFlip-Top$114.00
1250FRP40 x 40Round25Fluid Resistant 100% PolyesterFlip-Top$139.00
13040-130 x 40Straight18Cotton DuckDrawcord$62.00
13040-230 x 40Straight18Cotton PolyDrawcord$64.00
13040-330 x 40Straight18200 Denier Nylon WhiteDrawcord$64.00
13040-3C30 x 40Straight18200 Denier Colored NylonDrawcord$68.00
13040-430 x 40Straight18Spun Filament PolyesterDrawcord$76.00
13040LIV30 x 40Straight18Leakproof Impervious VinylDrawcord$135.00
13040FRP30 x 40Straight18Fluid Resistant 100% PolyesterDrawcord$97.00
1219-130 x 40Round18Cotton DuckDrawcord$71.00
1219-230 x 40Round18Cotton PolyDrawcord$72.00
1219-330 x 40Round18200 Denier Nylon WhiteDrawcord$74.00
1219-3C30 x 40Round18200 Denier Colored NylonDrawcord$77.00
1219-430 x 40Round18Spun Filament PolyesterDrawcord$84.00
1219FRP30 x 40Round18Fluid Resistant 100% PolyesterDrawcord$107.00
14040-140 x 40Straight25Cotton DuckDrawcord$82.00
14040-240 x 40Straight25Cotton PolyDrawcord$89.00
14040-340 x 40Straight25200 Denier Nylon WhiteDrawcord$84.00
14040-3C40 x 40Straight25200 Denier Colored NylonDrawcord$96.00
14040-440 x 40Straight25Spun Filament PolyesterDrawcord$99.00
14040LIV40 x 40Straight25Leakproof Impervious VinylDrawcord$145.00
14040FRP40 x 40Straight25Fluid Resistant 100% PolyesterDrawcord$108.00
1225-140 x 40Round25Cotton DuckDrawcord$91.00
1225-240 x 40Round25Cotton PolyDrawcord$99.00
1225-340 x 40Round25200 Denier Nylon WhiteDrawcord$97.00
1225-3C40 x 40Round25200 Denier Colored NylonDrawcord$109.00
1225-440 x 40Round25Spun Filament PolyesterDrawcord$110.00
1225FRP40 x 40Round25Fluid Resistant 100% PolyesterDrawcord$114.00