Closed Stainless Steel Case Carts

The functional design of our case carts maximizes usable inside storage space and provides superior maneuverability.

Carts can be used wherever contents must be protected from an “unclean” environment, including free-standing ambulatory care centers, surgi-centers and hospital based/outpatient surgeries. 

Shelves sold separately — Three different types available; wire pullout, wire pullout with rollers and solid shelf. Each shelf includes two attachment brackets. Shelf weight capacity is 150 lbs. evenly distributed.

All units are 28 1/2″ deep overall. Cabinet depth is 25 7/8″. Width and Height vary with model numbers.

Carts come with 6″ stainless steel casters.

Model numbers ending with a “P” are equipped with Passive Lock.

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SKUOverall Width (in)Overall Height (in)DescriptionPrice
CASE-24L6S3340Single-Door Low Profile Cart$2,070.00
CASE-36L6S4540Double-Door Low Profile Cart$2,685.00
CASE-48L6S5740Double-Door Low Profile Cart$2,945.00
CASE-24H6S3357Single-Door High Profile Cart$2,415.00
CASE-36H6S4557Double-Door High Profile Cart$3,025.00
CASE-24L6SP3340Single-Door Low Profile Cart with lock$2,125.00
CASE-36L6SP4540Double-Door Low Profile Cart with lock$2,745.00
CASE-48L6SP5740Double-Door Low Profile Cart with lock$3,000.00
CASE-24H6SP3357Single-Door High Profile Cart with lock$2,470.00
CASE-36H6SP4557Double-Door High Profile Cart with lock$3,080.00
CASE-24WCASE-24W Wire Shelf$195.00
CASE-24RCASE-24R Roller Shelf$225.00
CASE-24SCASE-24S Solid Shelf$205.00
CASE-36WCASE-36W Wire Shelf$230.00
CASE-36RCASE-36R Roller Shelf$265.00
CASE-36SCASE-36S Solid Shelf$245.00
CASE-48WCASE-48W Wire Shelf$265.00
CASE-48RCASE-48R Roller Shelf$295.00
CASE-48SCASE-48S Solid Shelf$276.00