Isolation Carts & Accessories

Latest Products Corporation offers a variety of isolation carts, which can be seen in hospitals, surgery centers, and other healthcare facilities throughout the country.

Store all supplies to reduce risk of pathogen transmission in healthcare facilities between patients, staff members and visitors.

All PVC carts are fully customizable, and can be made MRI compatible.

Additional steel and aluminum isolation carts also available, please inquire.

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SKUNameHeight (in)Width (in)Depth (in)Price
ST-333-Drawer PVC Isolation Cart452615$329.00
C-ISO-4001Isolation Gown Storage Cart Without Lid322118.5$209.00
C-ISO-4001LIsolation Gown Storage Cart With Lid322118.5$229.00
C-LH21D-YELLOW-ISOIsolation Gown Collection Cart371818$210.00
C-3923C3-Drawer Metal Isolation Cart453120$1,250.00
C-MKS-430S4-Drawer Metal Isolation Cart46.53225$1,049.00