Sterile Wrap Rack Carts

The sterile wrap rack is designed to provide a safe, convenient area to hold wrap. Bottom shelf, frame and posts all made of chrome.

One sheet or several sheets can be removed quickly and neatly.

Bottom shelf may be used to hold extra wrap or less frequently used sizes.

Special length posts are available if required, please inquire.

Use our cart covers to cover the rack and keep contents clean and protected when not in use (see our Cart Cover section for various options).

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SKUNameDescriptionLength (in)Price
SWR556DCWrap Rack - SWR556DCHigh-Profile Sterile Wrap Rack-Small48$740.00
SWR566DCWrap Rack - SWR566DCHigh-Profile Sterile Wrap Rack-Large60$795.00
SWRB5SWrap Rack - SWRB5SAdditional Support Bar for High-Profile Rack48$45.00
SWRB6SWrap Rack - SWRB6SAdditional Support Bar for High-Profile Rack60$50.00