Chrome Suture Carts

Suture carts include slanted shelves to present contents for instant identification and access. 

Allows logical organization, eliminates confusion, makes ordering easy.

Three size shelves available and two heights available, as well as choice of combination of flat and slanted shelving. Slanted shelves slant at a 45 degree angle or 9″ from front to back.

Shelves are 18″ wide.

All suture carts include package of 12 retainers.

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SKULength (in)Height (in)DescriptionPrice
DC15EC2460One flat and four slanted shelves$635.00
DC16EC2460Five slanted shelves$650.00
DC35EC3660One flat and four slanted shelves$660.00
DC36EC3670Five slanted shelves$700.00
DC55EC4860One flat and four slanted shelves$705.00
DC56EC4870Five slanted shelves$735.00
1824DNC24Additional Wire Shelves$65.00
1836DNC36Additional Wire Shelves$75.00
1848DNC48Additional Wire Shelves$80.00
DCR17C174Additional Retainers$12.00