Heavy Duty Dolly Truck with Polyurethane Casters

Heavy duty dolly truck features chrome shelves and wraparound bumper. 63″ Plated Posts and Aluminum Dolly. 69″ to 72″ Overall height.

Dollies add 3 1/8″ to the length of the unit and 3 3/8″ to the width of the unit.

Polyurethane (poly) casters support a greater weight than Neoprene Casters. Choice of 5″, 6″ or 8″ casters for ease of maneuverability.

5″ Poly casters come 2 swivel / 2 brake.

6″ and 8″ Poly casters come with 2 swivel with lock/2 with brake. For the larger casters, brake lock / swivel lock controls are located on dolly for easy use.

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SKUCastersShelf Width (in)Shelf Length (in)Overall Height (in)Price
N356LC5" 2 swivel/2 brake184869$555.00
N366LC5" 2 swivel/2 brake186069$605.00
N456LC5" 2 swivel/2 brake214869$595.00
N466LC5" 2 swivel/2 brake216069$645.00
N536LC5" 2 swivel/2 brake243669$565.00
N556LC5" 2 swivel/2 brake244869$615.00
N566LC5" 2 swivel/2 brake246069$670.00
N536MC6" 2 swivel/2 lock/2 brake243670$835.00
N556MC6" 2 swivel/2 lock/2 brake244870$880.00
N566MC6" 2 swivel/2 lock/2 brake246070$940.00
N556PC8" 2 swivel/2 lock/2 brake244872$885.00
N566PC8" 2 swivel/2 lock/2 brake246072$935.00