4 Tier Caster Cart - 69" Height

Features Open Grid Shelving
Shelving constructed with Microban® antimicrobial product protection. Built in during manufacturing process and designed to last for the life of the product. Effective against a wide range of bacteria, mold and fungi. Corrosion proof polymer construction with stainless steel corners.

Cart comes with 5 inch casters. Choose from 2 Swivel and 2 Swivel with Brake Resilient Rubber Casters OR 2 Swivel and 2 Swivel with Brake Polyurethane Casters. Polyurethane casters typically carry more weight than rubber casters.

Many accessories available in addition to cart covers, please inquire.

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SKUCaster TypeWidth (in)Length (in)Price
X336BGX32-Swivel 2-Brake Resilient Rubber Casters1836$565.00
X356BGX32-Swivel 2-Brake Resilient Rubber Casters1848$635.00
X366BGX32-Swivel 2-Brake Resilient Rubber Casters1860$720.00
X536BGX32-Swivel 2-Brake Resilent Rubber Casters2436$645.00
X556BGX32-Swivel 2-Brake Resilient Rubber Casters2448$740.00
X566BGX32-Swivel 2-Brake Resilient Rubber Casters2460$835.00
X336EGX32-Swivel 2-Brake Poly Casters1836$610.00
X356EGX32-Swivel 2-Brake Poly Casters1848$685.00
X366EGX32-Swivel 2-Brake Poly Casters1860$765.00
X536EGX32-Swivel 2-Brake Poly Casters2436$690.00
X556EGX32-Swivel 2-Brake Poly Casters2448$785.00
X566EGX32-Swivel 2-Brake Poly Casters2460$880.00