Caster Carts with Rubber Casters

Many sizes available. Standard models are 68″ overall height including casters.

Four adjustable chrome wire shelves allows for an open design which minimizes dust and increases air circulation and visibility.

Chrome plated 63″ posts.

Four 5″ Resilient Rubber casters included. . Rubber casters can support up to 150 lbs. per shelf — 600 lbs. total. Choice of ALL SWIVEL wheels or TWO SWIVEL and TWO WITH BRAKES.

Stainless steel models, 5 tier models and solid shelf models also available, contact us for details.

Cart covers available for all models. We also offer a complete line of accessories including enclosures, shelf dividers & ledges, label holders, additional chrome wire shelves, solid stainless steel bottom shelves, galvanized metal bottom shelves, supply bins & tubs, shelf inlays, and much more.

Don’t see the caster cart size you want? Please contact us today and we’ll design a cart to meet your specific requirements!

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If you have a special requirement that does not appear, please contact us at 1-800-288-3547.

SKUTypeShelf Width (in)Shelf Length (in)Approx. Pkd. Weight (lbs)Price
A336ACFour Swivel Resilient Rubber Casters183660$315.00
A356ACFour Swivel Resilient Rubber Casters184872$350.00
A366ACFour Swivel Resilient Rubber Casters186088$385.00
A436ACFour Swivel Resilient Rubber Casters213669$355.00
A456ACFour Swivel Resilient Rubber Casters214881$385.00
A466ACFour Swivel Resilient Rubber Casters216098$415.00
A536ACFour Swivel Resilient Rubber Casters243676$370.00
A556ACFour Swivel Resilient Rubber Casters244892$405.00
A566ACFour Swivel Resilient Rubber Casters2460112$450.00
A336BCTwo Swivel Two Brake Resilient Rubber Casters183660$325.00
A356BCTwo Swivel Two Brake Resilient Rubber Casters184872$360.00
A366BCTwo Swivel Two Brake Resilient Rubber Casters186088$395.00
A436BCTwo Swivel Two Brake Resilient Rubber Casters213669$365.00
A456BCTwo Swivel Two Brake Resilient Rubber Casters214881$390.00
A466BCTwo Swivel Two Brake Resilient Rubber Casters216098$425.00
A536BCTwo Swivel Two Brake Resilient Rubber Casters243676$380.00
A556BCTwo Swivel Two Brake Resilient Rubber Casters244892$415.00
A566BCTwo Swivel Two Brake Resilient Rubber Casters2460112$460.00