Elevated Spring Platform for Laundry Carts

Helps prevent strains by having linen rise to waist level.

Platforms available from 6 bushel to 20 bushel size.

Please choose whether you are looking to place platform within a vinyl/canvas (soft-sided) cart (Model #125) or a polyethylene (molded) cart (Model #125-P).

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SKU# of SpringsBushelsUse forPrice
125-646Vinyl or Canvas cart$60.00
125-848Vinyl or Canvas cart$62.00
125-10410Vinyl or Canvas cart$64.00
125-12412Vinyl or Canvas cart$65.00
125-14614Vinyl or Canvas cart$80.00
125-16616Vinyl or Canvas cart$83.00
125-18618Vinyl or Canvas cart$85.00
125-20620Vinyl or Canvas cart$87.00
125P-646Polyethylene cart$67.00
125P-848Polyethylene cart$69.00
125P-10410Polyethylene cart$70.00
125P-12412Polyethylene cart$71.00
125P-14614Polyethylene cart$86.00
125P-16616Polyethylene cart$86.00
125P-18618Polyethylene cart$88.00
125P-20620Polyethylene cart$89.00
125P-replacementspringsPolyethylene cart$15.00