Heavy-Duty Polyethylene Laundry Carts

Our Model number 39 heavy-duty laundry carts with galvanized pan base is one of our most popular sellers!! The polyethylene liner comes in two choices of wall thicknesses — .225 wall thickness (standard) or .300 wall thickness for heavy-duty applications as well as your choice of 17 different colors.

The liner is attached to a dolly base which includes 3″ industrial grade casters available in your choice of 3 different arrangements (5″ industrial casters also available for additional $30.00 per cart). Our molded trucks are in use at thousands of hospitals, institutions, hotels/motels, and correctional facilities.

Free Stenciling Available

Spring platforms, inner liners and top cover caps available and sold separately.

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SKUCapacityOutside Length (in)Outside Width (in)Outside DepthOverall Height (in)Wall ThicknessPrice
39-6-2256 Bushel342421250.225$230.00
39-6-3006 Bushel342421250.3$280.00
39-8-2258 Bushel372624290.225$245.00
39-8-3008 Bushel372624290.3$295.00
39-10-22510 Bushel402825290.225$270.00
39-10-30010 Bushel402825290.3$320.00
39-12-22512 Bushel403028320.225$275.00
39-12-30012 Bushel403028320.3$325.00
39-14-22514 Bushel433228320.225$295.00
39-14-30014 Bushel433228320.3$345.00
39-16-22516 Bushel433230340.225$325.00
39-16-30016 Bushel433230340.3$375.00
39-18-22518 Bushel463430340.225$350.00
39-18-30018 Bushel463430340.3$400.00
39-20-22520 Bushel513630340.225$385.00
39-20-30020 Bushel513630340.3$435.00