Foot Operated Step Cans

These popular step-on-cans are made using fire-safe steel with Uni-Koat® powder coated finish or #304 non-magnetic stainless steel construction. “No hands” foot pedal operation.

Round models have galvanized steel liners and vinyl base rings for floor protection and reduction of noise. Square models have retainer bands that hold poly bags within the unit and are also available with a leakproof rigid plastic liner. 

Piano hinged lid mechanism protects walls and equipment. Steel legs feature nylon floor protectors.

The Defenders medical step-on cans conform to OSHA standards on bloodborne pathogens for the safe containment of infectious waste and comply with OBRA Regulations. All models are UL Listed/Factory Mutual Systems Approved fire-safe/self-extinguishing and California State Fire Marshall Listed (except ST3.5 PL). All models are also manufactured of at least 30% recycled steel

When “Quiet” operation is crucial, Silent Defenders are the solution. The NEW Quiet Close design is available on all square Defenders® Step-On Can models with the same great features, benefits and durability. Models starting with the letter “Q” are our Silent Defenders.