Plastic Receptacles and Accessories

Our “Gator Containers” can be seen throughout all types of facilities nationwide.
-Gator containers meet and surpass all other heavy duty plastic containers in every category.
-Molded with highest quality polyethylene resin
-One piece molded construction creates high impact and crush resistance
-With its lock down lid, the container is animal and spill resistant, lid stays on even if container is tipped over
-Offset ridge design allows container to nest without jamming
-Gator handles have a larger radius and deeper well, making the container more comfortable to lift and move
-Comes in several color choices, as indicated

Use our Gator plastic receptacles in conjunction with our “Gator Caddy” and/or “Gator Dolly” to make organization and transport easier!!

Units sold in carton packs as specified, no broken cartons please. Minimum receptacle and accessory order for these items is $100.

Buy $250.00 in receptacles and take 5% off (please notate upon cart checkout)

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SKUDescriptionDiameter (in)Height (in)Carton QuantityColorPrice
771010 gallon gator container15 7/8176White|Gray$84.00
771110 gallon gator lid161 3/166White|Gray$57.00
772020 gallon gator container19 1/423 1/86Gray|White|Blue$150.00
772120 gallon gator lid19 1/21 1/86Gray|White|Blue$60.00
773232 gallon gator container21 3/427 3/86Gray|Yellow|White|Blue|Green$222.00
773332 gallon gator lid221 1/46Gray|Yellow|White|Blue|Green$84.00
774444 gallon gator container23 3/431 5/84Gray|Yellow|White|Blue|Red$260.00
774544 gallon gator lid241 3/84Gray|Yellow|White|Blue|Red$110.00
775555 gallon gator container26 3/4333Gray$330.00
775655 gallon gator lid27 1/42 1/23Gray$114.00
7705Caddy that fits 32 and 44 gallon Gators2020 1/26Yellow$228.00
7704Dolly17 7/86 9/162Black$84.00
7708Anchor no-tilt dolly2472Black$88.00
702323 gallon thin bin container4Beige|Gray|Brown|Blue$160.00
702423 gallon thin bin lid4Beige|Gray|Brown$112.00