Rawhide Mesh Heavy Duty Net Bag - RD 1420

14″ x 20″ Rawhide Mesh Net Laundry Bag with Drawcord Closure

Rawhide mesh provides superior durability and is used when heavy duty mesh is desired.  Drawcord with sliplock closure sewn in top hem allows for easy closure of the laundry bag.  Standard color is off-white and will be provided if no other color choice selected.   Navy, Dark Green, Yellow and Burgundy also available.  For colors, add 10%.  Bags available with identification flags add $4.50/dozen.



( per dozen)


3 - 56 - 1112+


SKURD 1420
Units Per Package12
Minimum Order3
Size14 x 20 in
StrengthHeavy Duty
TypeDrawcord Closure
Standard ColorOff-White

Special Colors ($6.50)

Other Options ($0.00)