Mesh Laundry Bags

Collect the laundry in the bag! Wash and dry it in our mesh laundry bags then return it in the same bag!

Choice of Three-Hole Rubber Closure Strap or Drawcord in Hem with Sliplock Closure. Choice of standard mesh (2.30 ounces per square yard) or industrial mesh (3.50 ounces per square yard). Standard color is white. Other colors available: red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange, black, gray, pink, brown, teal.

Rawhide Mesh also available, please inquire.

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SKUSize (in)StrengthTypeStandard ColorPrice
RD 142014 x 20Heavy DutyDrawcord ClosureOff-White$65.00
DC 142014 x 20StandardDrawcord ClosureWhite$40.00
DC 182418 x 24StandardDrawcord ClosureWhite$42.00
DC 183018 x 30StandardDrawcord ClosureWhite$44.00
DC 243024 x 30StandardDrawcord ClosureWhite$54.00
DC 243624 x 36StandardDrawcord ClosureWhite$59.00
DC 304030 x 40StandardDrawcord ClosureWhite$70.00
RC 142014 x 20StandardRubber ClosureWhite$50.00
RC 182418 x 24StandardRubber ClosureWhite$52.00
RC 183018 x 30StandardRubber ClosureWhite$54.00
RC 243024 x 30StandardRubber ClosureWhite$64.00
RC 243624 x 36StandardRubber ClosureWhite$70.00
RC 304030 x 40StandardRubber ClosureWhite$83.00
ID 142014 x 20IndustrialDrawcord ClosureWhite$54.00
ID 182418 x 24IndustrialDrawcord ClosureWhite$56.00
ID 183018 x 30IndustrialDrawcord ClosureWhite$61.00
ID 243024 x 30IndustrialDrawcord ClosureWhite$72.00
ID 243624 x 36IndustrialDrawcord ClosureWhite$80.00
ID 304030 x 40IndustrialDrawcord ClosureWhite$102.00
IR 142014 x 20IndustrialRubber ClosureWhite$66.00
IR 182418 x 24IndustrialRubber ClosureWhite$70.00
IR 183018 x 30IndustrialRubber ClosureWhite$74.00
IR 243024 x 30IndustrialRubber ClosureWhite$92.00
IR 243624 x 36IndustrialRubber ClosureWhite$94.00
IR 304030 x 40IndustrialRubber ClosureWhite$112.00